Peine. An unusual case: probably a teenager has injured the 29 year-old Sybille Michalik with a green laser pointer eye on Saturday night at 22: 00. Michalik was Brunswick Road in the amount of Märklinstraße on the way home, when she suddenly saw a green light.

She says: "In a moment, I thought that the traffic light blinding me, but immediately there was a stabbing pain in the eye, not abated." Incident: it was a laser pointer that has hit them.

The 29 year-old woman could only still dimly realize that several teenagers disappeared quickly from laser pointer pen best buy the balcony (third floor) in an apartment building. One should have targeted them with a green laser pointer on Michalik. She says: "I called immediately the police, provided the young people to the speech. "But to my knowledge to the hat offender has not yet admitted the laser shot." The police investigation won't be over.Powerful 3000MW Adjustable focus 532nm Green laser Pointer Battery charger

How is the 29-year old now? Since she was hit by the laser in the eye, she had to visit an eye doctor. "That was necessary, since I still have severe pen laser pointer. Also I can not yet properly see as a kind of green veil over my eyes has risen." During the investigation, the eye doctor found that the eye is - been injured by the laser a crack in the cornea. The victim further: "that's why I have to take now drops. I hope that there is no permanent damage.